Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bathroom Light Switch Modification

The bathroom light fixture has a built-in switch into it. The light switch is covered with rubber to prevent water getting in, small kids find it difficult to push the switch on/off. It's also mounted close to ceiling making it hard for them to safely reach it.

To solve the problem , I installed a pull chain switch. It's a pretty simple project; first, I removed the light fixture assembly from the wall (held by 4 screws). Unplug the light fixture from the coach wiring by pulling the bullet connectors apart. I then made a hole that is big enough for the pull chain switch mounting base to pass through to the side of the light fixture body. Installed the new switch, then rewired the black wire (+) to the new switch bypassing the old one. Put the whole thing back, and problem solved. Now, I can also easily turn the lights on when I need too while doing my business, no more reaching for that darn switch!

I also replaced the light bulb to an LED bulb from Home Depot, it's energy efficient and puts up  more light than the original bulb. Here is the link: Philips Accent LED 3-Watt. It provides cool bright light at 100 lumens (@ 4000K color temp) which is more than enough light for the bathroom. Of course, you can get one cheaper and has more lumens from Ebay, but not at this color temp range.The picture below doesn't do justice, it's a lot brighter than that.

New light switch installed

Friday, December 2, 2011

Quieting the water pump

The stock water pump that came with the RT is not the quietest by any means, but there are things you can do to make it less noisy. The surging/pulsating of water as it exits the water pump creates vibration to the rigid PEX tubing's.

The first thing I did is to insulate adjacent tubing's by wrapping them with inexpensive foam pipe wrap. I use zip-ties to secure them in place. I then install flexible tubing's between the pump and the rigid PEX. A "Pump Silencing Kit" by Shurflo is also available Amazon. Lastly, I installed a small Shurflo Accumulator Tank after the water pump to prevent annoying water surges. You could install a bigger accumulator tank instead to reduce water pump cycling, they are kinda expensive though. For cheaper alternative, a water heater expansion tank  as an accumulator tank should work. I do prefer the smaller accumulator tank for fear of leaks, the bigger tanks obviously holds more water and will cause more water damage if it leaks. 

Pictures of install below, I apologize for the fuzzy pictures.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adding Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP) capability to TomTom Eclipse II

The Navigation/ Audio/Visual unit (Eclipse AVN4430) that came with the RT has a built-in Bluetooth but with no audio streaming capability (A2DP). I bought a Bluetooth bridge (Sprint Anycom A2DP receiver) from ebay for $19, this was several months ago. I was shock to find out that this receiver is now selling for over $90 (Amazon and Ebay) Anyway, there are other cheaper Bluetooth bridge available out there, just look around. The things that I like about this receiver is it doesn't need an external power and it uses an Ipod connection, which Eclipse has. I do not own an Ipod or Iphone, so the Ipod dongle adapter is useless for me (until this).

*Note to Iphone users: Iphone4 connected via Ipod dongle adapter works really well with the  Eclipse head unit (thanks to Trekker of Sprinter-Forum for the info).  Iphone music playback can be controlled within Eclipse.*

Anycom Sprint A2DP BT Receiver

Sunday, November 6, 2011

DIY: Compact Bathroom Trash Container

We try to limit tossing used TP into the toilet, plus the ladies prefers to use disposable wet wipes which cannot be dumped into the RV toilet. I really needed a small trash container inside the bathroom, but since RT Agile SS bathroom is so compact/ small, the smallest trash container I can find is still way too big for the bathroom.

I got an idea of using a toilet brush container as a trash can, it is small in diameter but taller which is a perfect size for RT Agile small bathroom.  I found one at a local thrift store for about $5. The container has a removable plastic liner inside so it was perfect for the project. I removed the brush from the lid and replaced it with a drawer knob. I then added a suction cup to one side, this attaches to the bathroom wall to keep the trash can from tipping over during travel. Pls. see pictures below (Click to enlarge).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Castaic Lake Campground, Castaic CA.

Castaic Lake Campground, Castaic California

Address: 32132 Castaic Lake Drive, Castaic, CA 91384
GPS Coordinates: 34.500522,-118.607124 (Campground entrance kiosk)
Website:Click Here!
Online Reservation: Click Here!

Castaic lake is located in northern Los Angeles County, just 45 miles north of downtown L.A., and 40 miles south of the Grapevine, off the 5 Freeway in the City of Castaic.

Family camping in RV’s or tents is available on the east side of the lower lake lagoon. The campground is divided into 3 lots (Lot A, B, and C). Lot A and Lot B are paved, Lot C is unpaved. Lot A (A7 to A16) is for RV's only. Lot A has more shade trees, Lot C is mostly open.

Swimming is only allowed during the summer season. The Swim Beaches are located on the west side of the Lower Lake Lagoon.

Boating (Upper Lake)
Camping: Fee: $20 per night (No hook-ups for RV, fresh water and dumping area is available)

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Swim Area