Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bathroom Light Switch Modification

The bathroom light fixture has a built-in switch into it. The light switch is covered with rubber to prevent water getting in, small kids find it difficult to push the switch on/off. It's also mounted close to ceiling making it hard for them to safely reach it.

To solve the problem , I installed a pull chain switch. It's a pretty simple project; first, I removed the light fixture assembly from the wall (held by 4 screws). Unplug the light fixture from the coach wiring by pulling the bullet connectors apart. I then made a hole that is big enough for the pull chain switch mounting base to pass through to the side of the light fixture body. Installed the new switch, then rewired the black wire (+) to the new switch bypassing the old one. Put the whole thing back, and problem solved. Now, I can also easily turn the lights on when I need too while doing my business, no more reaching for that darn switch!

I also replaced the light bulb to an LED bulb from Home Depot, it's energy efficient and puts up  more light than the original bulb. Here is the link: Philips Accent LED 3-Watt. It provides cool bright light at 100 lumens (@ 4000K color temp) which is more than enough light for the bathroom. Of course, you can get one cheaper and has more lumens from Ebay, but not at this color temp range.The picture below doesn't do justice, it's a lot brighter than that.

New light switch installed

New Switch wiring

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