Friday, December 2, 2011

Quieting the water pump

The stock water pump that came with the RT is not the quietest by any means, but there are things you can do to make it less noisy. The surging/pulsating of water as it exits the water pump creates vibration to the rigid PEX tubing's.

The first thing I did is to insulate adjacent tubing's by wrapping them with inexpensive foam pipe wrap. I use zip-ties to secure them in place. I then install flexible tubing's between the pump and the rigid PEX. A "Pump Silencing Kit" by Shurflo is also available Amazon. Lastly, I installed a small Shurflo Accumulator Tank after the water pump to prevent annoying water surges. You could install a bigger accumulator tank instead to reduce water pump cycling, they are kinda expensive though. For cheaper alternative, a water heater expansion tank  as an accumulator tank should work. I do prefer the smaller accumulator tank for fear of leaks, the bigger tanks obviously holds more water and will cause more water damage if it leaks. 

Pictures of install below, I apologize for the fuzzy pictures.

The water leak detector is a simple alarm that goes off when water touches the corded water sensor.
Amazon link here: Doberman Water Leak Detector Alarm, check your local hardware store first as I got mine at Homedepot store for a lot less than Amazon listed price. The picture above shows a DIY sensor, I used the original water sensor on a second water leak alarm around the window sills.

Similar water leak detector available on Amazon: Click here.


  1. Hello! May I request for details of this water leak detector? This is precisely what I like to include after installing both Shurflo's accumulator tank and silencer kit. BTW: These photos were invaluable! Thanks!!

    1. Hi, I added a link on the post above for the water leak alarm. Thank you.


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