Sunday, November 6, 2011

DIY: Compact Bathroom Trash Container

We try to limit tossing used TP into the toilet, plus the ladies prefers to use disposable wet wipes which cannot be dumped into the RV toilet. I really needed a small trash container inside the bathroom, but since RT Agile SS bathroom is so compact/ small, the smallest trash container I can find is still way too big for the bathroom.

I got an idea of using a toilet brush container as a trash can, it is small in diameter but taller which is a perfect size for RT Agile small bathroom.  I found one at a local thrift store for about $5. The container has a removable plastic liner inside so it was perfect for the project. I removed the brush from the lid and replaced it with a drawer knob. I then added a suction cup to one side, this attaches to the bathroom wall to keep the trash can from tipping over during travel. Pls. see pictures below (Click to enlarge).