Thursday, September 22, 2011

Removable Countertop 2.5 Gallon Water Container Holder

During travel, I prefer to carry bottled water for drinking. I don't trust the fresh water tank for our drinking and cooking needs. We usually get the 2.5 gallon water container (2 packs) from Costco which is usually cheaper than getting it from our local grocery stores. I used to secure one 2.5 gallon water container on the countertop either using a rope or any kind of tying material to prevent it from falling off while underway. It was a big hassle to do, plus it's not very secure at all. After some brain storming idea, I came up with the design. Using pieces of scrap plywood, I made a water container holder, painted it black to match the appliances.  I've been using it for couple of weeks years now and has performed better than I expected.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Custom Rear Seats Cover

Pictures explains itself.

Custom French Memo Board

I found a use for the extra thin MDF and piece of fabric laying around. I made a french memo board. It provides a decorative accent and a perfect spot to place photos, memorabilia and coupons.

I first made a paper template, then transfer the shape to back of the MDF. Cut the MDF to shape using a jigsaw. Using a spray adhesive, I glued a thin piece of foam to front side of MDF, then covered it with fabric (left over from the back seat covers I previously made). Tack the fabric to back of MDF using staple gun. Added the ribbons and buttons...secured it on the wall using plastic hook n loop fastener..and voila.

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Remote Winegard Antenna Amp Switch

Are you tired of reaching for the tiny antenna switch inside the AV cabinet when watching TV? Do you forget to turn the antenna amp off? Well, you are not alone. My kids will even use the TV and TV wall mount as a monkey bar just to get to the antenna switch. This remote ant. power switch will make your life a lot easier. It's plug and play, no cutting of on-board wiring's.All you need is a on-off switch (I opted for lighted on-off switch) some wires, male and female crimp-on connectors/ crimper tool, a soldering iron/ solder wire, and a small plastic project enclosure for the switch. I use velco to attach the remote switch to back of the TV for easy access. If you decided not to use a lighted switch, you can skip the 3rd wire (negative wire).
Pictures of the install below.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Electric Step Disarm Switch

There are times when you don't want the electric step to automatically open with the door. For instance, when street curbs or other obstructions get in the way. One way to do this is to add a second switch in parallel with the door mag switch.

The door magnetic switch is a NO (Normally Open) switch. When the door is closed, the magnet which is located on the sliding door activates and closes the magnetic switch contacts thus in turn closes the circuit. Opening the sliding door deactivates the magnetic switch and the circuit opens. 

The rocker switch addition wired in parallel with the magnetic switch fools the step controller that the sliding door is in closed position thus preventing the step from extending.  

Fishing the wires where I want the new switch mounted (next to the electric step override switch) can be difficult. I removed the footwell plastic trim (passenger side) to see if I could route the wires from there, and lucky enough there was a hole opposite to where the mag switch is located. I pulled the door mag switch from the pillar and used a heavy gauge solder wire (can't find a hanger wire when I need it) to fish the wires to the opposite side of the pillar. See pictures below.

UPDATE: I just found out that you can easily access the magnetic switch wires by removing the lower sliding door stabilizer reciever plate. Just make sure to mark the exact position of the reciever plate for reinstallation.