Saturday, January 28, 2023

Replacing/ Upgrading Sprinter Door Speakers, and Dash Tweeters. Installing Sound Deadener on Cab Floor

Our factory door speakers broke, the rubber surround that holds the paper cone has disintegrated into pieces, causing the speakers to sound terrible. I used an eBay speaker adapter to replace it with a larger speaker. The factory speaker is proprietary and cannot be simply replaced with an aftermarket speaker without the use of an adapter or some modifications.

The new speakers have a much better dynamic range and a deeper bass response. I also replaced the tiny dash tweeters and was very pleased with the upgraded speakers. Here's how to change them.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

DIY DC-to-DC Chassis Battery Trickle Charger (Trik-L-Start Alternative?)

You've probably heard that the Trik-L-Start DC-DC battery trickle charger has been discontinued, the only commercially available alternative is the Echo 15-Amp Charger by Xantrex. The Echo Charger is quite expensive at around $150 and only compatible with lead acid batteries.

I wanted to add a chassis battery trickle charger from my Solar Charge controller's auxiliary output but couldn't find an inexpensive low current DC-DC trickle charger for my application. The Trik-L-Start trickle charger would have been ideal, but they are no longer sold, necessitating the DIY approach. With the addition of a battery protection module to the circuit, it will mimic the Trik-L-Start trickle charger and can be adjusted to start/stop charging depending on the source voltage.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

DIY Foldable Insulated Tent Bed for Mom's Fur Baby

Winter camping is here, and our pet dog (Nala) needs something to keep her warm during the cold nights spent in the RV. I decided to make her a bed that would fit between the two front seats. Because the cab gets quite cold at night, the bed can be moved into the galley and behind the curtain for extra warmth. A foldable insulated tent cover over the bed provides additional cold protection.