Thursday, August 30, 2018

"Scooler", A Custom Built/ DIY Electric Riding Cooler

"Scooler" at the beach.

I need a new roto-molded cooler but I do not like the idea of manually hauling it around as they are heavy, so it got me thinking...why not make it a riding cooler? I later found out that you can actually buy one of these riding coolers; they’re not cheap though not to mention the inefficient coolers they use. Amazon sells the "Crazy Cooler" with 4-stroke 2HP engine.

 I have an old 2-wheeled scooter that has been sitting idle in the garage for years. I took it apart and reuse the powertrain, the controller, and the handle bars for my riding cooler build.

 I will not bore you with the fabrication process, below is the near completion and painted frame.

The powertrain. It has a small motor, but it has enough torque to propel the scooter from stand still with fully loaded cooler and 2 adult riders. It can reach its max speed from dead stop in just few seconds. I've not measured its max speed yet, but guesstemating it to be just under 20-mph.

The steering system. Everything excluding the handlebars are fabricated from scratch to save build cost.

Close up shot of the right steering spindle bracket using 5/8" grade 8 bolt.

The modified rear wheel hub. Got the wheels cheap (about $7) from Harbor Freight store.

Gussets were added to front wheel hubs for strength. The stock bearing (pictured) were also replaced using this one: XiKe 4 Pack 99502HNR Ball Bearing ID 5/8" x OD 1-3/8" x Width 7/16"

Almost done. AGM battery packs will be tucked under the frame. I will later upgrade the packs to Lithium's for added range.

With the custom deck and powertrain cover in place.

Pre-fitting my new spanking red "Orca 26-quarts Cooler". Perfect size for the RT, not too small not too big. No other  roto-molded cooler manufacturer makes this size.

 Fabricated a new hitch carrier for the "Scooler"

 The "Scooler" is secured to the carrier using 3- DIY wing knobs with 10-mm threaded studs.

 "Scooler" mounted and secured to the swing-away hitch carrier. I can open the rear doors without unmounting "Scooler" from the hitch carrier.

"Scoolers" maiden voyage to the beach.

DIY cooler security lock, it also holds the cooler into the deck to prevent it from tipping to its side.

"Scooler" enjoying the beach. Thanks for viewing, happy trekking!

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