Monday, June 4, 2018

Roadtrek Bedding Options

This is a widely discussed topic in RVing, many swear by RV Superbag which I also own. Things that I don’t like about the RV Superbag aside from being expensive, it does not have enough support/ cushion to smooth out the peaks and valleys of Roadtrek sofa bed cushions, it is also harder to get in and out of the bed when everything is zipped-up, and if you like tucking in under the blanket you’ll find it harder to do with the Superbag…unless you’re using the King size bag for yourself.

Dense foam and Memory foam toppers sure looks comfy, but if you plan of using the dinette every day, storing those bulky foams could be a problem in a small RV. I found this Hospitology Ultrasoft Gelled Filled Polyester Microfiber California King Mattress Pad on Amazon about 3 years ago and we've been using it since then along with our compressible Down camping blankets.

The Hospitology Mattress Pad is about 1” thick but a lot denser than Superbag cushion which helps even out the RT cushions making a softer and comfier bed to sleep in. It is a good compromise between comfort and storability. It is also easy to setup, just roll it out over the sofa bed and Voila, bed is done.

The mattress topper fitted side panels were removed as it is not needed, it stays in place without it. Using scissors, I cut the side panels as close as possible to the mattress edges.

There is no need for fluffing every time you make up the bed plus it stays in place!

I made a Mattress Pad cover using two King size sheets with the sides and bottom sewn together similar to making a "pillowcase". The cover can be easily slips out of the mattress pad for washing.

To store, the mattress pad is longitudinally folded into 3 equal folds then tightly rolled into itself. This is where it gets tricky, although the mattress pad is soft, it is harder to compress than regular foam topping of similar thickness, and you really need to put your weight into it while rolling it into a tight roll. 

I use a strap to prevent the mat from unfolding and make it easier to slip it into the storage sack. I got storage sack from REI store; it is a 60L Stuff Sack (14"x24")

The mattress pad is stored in the rear overhead compartment with more space for blankets and some pillows. Cheers and happy Trekking!


  1. Exactly what I'm looking for! 2 say the mattress pad cover you make with 2 king Blankets... do you mean sheets? Also, I measure the bed as 68" wide and 74"long. Do you just let the edges go up the head and sides?

    1. Yes, I mean sheets. The width of the padding is exactly same as the bed. It's about 10 inches longer lengtwise, I just tuck it in or fold it over on the head part. Works great.


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