Thursday, March 2, 2017

Our Gears (Part 1: Camping Chairs, Table, etc.)

 I have put together some of our favorite RV camping gears, gadgets, and accessories. Most of our camping gears are compact by design thus minimizing storage space in the RV

Disclaimer: I'm not endorsing any products in this post; I'm not affiliated nor paid by any of the manufacturer to do this. I'm merely sharing camping gears and things that have worked for us, although what works for us won't necessarily work for you. 

Camping Chairs, Table, etc.:

 Pictured above are two-REI Flex Lite chairs, two-Alite Mantis chairs. a folding table, and the inflatable air lounger.  REI Flex Lite chair is similar to Helinox Chair One but cheaper. The REI chairs seats higher than the Alite chairs; I can use the Alite as ottoman when lounging. The chairs are very comfy and pack down really small.

The Toloco Version 2.0 Inflatable lounger also works really well, very comfy. Easy to inflate unlike other designs with the plastic inner bag. It sells out fast and goes out of stock most of the time on Amazon, so that tells you something.

The table is from Camping World, but they no longer carry them. REI and Helinox has similarly designed compact folding table (REI Flex Lite table and the Helinox One Camp table).
The 4- camping chairs stores in this 17" x 13" x 9" basket along with other camping stuff pictured below.
The Kelty 9x9 Noah's Tarp is a versatile free standing shelter (using adjustable tarp poles); the poles and the tarp takes very little space to store unlike a regular canopy. With 4-poles, I can set it up like a canopy. Here is a Kelty Video on YouTube (Click here).
The Eno Eagles Nest Hammock and the Eno suspension system seen above is very sturdy and lightweight, it packs down to a size of a grapefruit. I've been using it for years and loved it. I have DoubleNest and it can support 2-people with maximum capacity of 400 lbs.
Basket is half way filled; the 4 camping chairs stores on top.
Folding the chairs for storage. The chairs takes more time to store and set-up but it is a good compromise for its compact design. If you prefer a compact and easy to deploy and fold type of chair, take a look at PICO Camp Chair by CGI Outdoor, it folds down to a size of a laptop (chair shown below).


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