Monday, March 6, 2017

Modified Dash Mounted Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

The magnetic phone holder I got from Amazon works well...until the "neck" part broke off. So instead of throwing it away, I fabricated a metal mount for the magnetic head. I don't like the old placement of the phone holder anyway as the phone covers part of the NAV screen, the AC thermostat dial, and the radio buttons.
Placement of stick-on mounts into the Sprinter dashboard (within easy access or viewing from driver seat) is fairly limited due to limited flat surfaces to adhere to. I don't like the air vent mounts because it obviously covers the vents.

The WizGear car mount magnetic cell phone holder, I bought three of these. The magnet is strong enough to hold my large Samsung Note phone. The weak link of the magnetic phone holder design is the neck part; the plastic is not sturdy enough for repetitive use especially with large heavier cell phones.

The new base is made of an inch wide aluminum stock bar; the "neck" is an inch long stainless steel bolt. The base was carefully bent and shaped to the curved profile of the dashboard top tray plastic trim where it's going to be mounted. 

A hole is drilled into the aluminum base for the "neck"; the hole is then tapped to the correct bolt thread size. The plastic ball was also drilled through in the middle then tapped.

The hole was countersunk so the head of the bolt mounts flush with the base. I use red Loctite and a small nut on the bolt to secure it to the aluminum base, the plastic ball was threaded then epoxied into the bolt to prevent it from unthreading.
 The metal mount is spray painted with matte black finish, I let it dry for 24 hours, and a 3M VHB tape was applied.
A thin rectangular metal plate (2 pcs.-comes with the mount kit) with sticky back is placed between the phone and the phone case, this is where the magnet mount sticks.

Magnetic cell phone holders mounted on the dashboard top tray plastic trim.

Modeling my crappy Samsung Prime Core phone.

The original magnetic phone holder mount with the broken "neck".


  1. Excellent write-up. I used ProClip dashboard mount ( and their locking move clip to be able to move between my car and the RV ( and hacked this universal wireless charging cradle ( for my cell phone. When docked, it'll charge the phone. No need to manually plug the phone in.

    1. That Proclip mounting system does looks nice, thanks for sharing. Our phones are dinosaurs with no wireless charging capability, maybe when I upgrade phone I will use your idea.:-)

  2. Brilliant! Just Brilliant!! Another idea that I will implement in my RV!!! Thank you.

    1. The mount has served me well, but I no longer use it as my new phone has built in wireless charger. The metal plate interferes with wireless charging.


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