Sunday, November 6, 2011

DIY: Compact Bathroom Trash Container

We try to limit tossing used TP into the toilet, plus the ladies prefers to use disposable wet wipes which cannot be dumped into the RV toilet. I really needed a small trash container inside the bathroom, but since RT Agile SS bathroom is so compact/ small, the smallest trash container I can find is still way too big for the bathroom.

I got an idea of using a toilet brush container as a trash can, it is small in diameter but taller which is a perfect size for RT Agile small bathroom.  I found one at a local thrift store for about $5. The container has a removable plastic liner inside so it was perfect for the project. I removed the brush from the lid and replaced it with a drawer knob. I then added a suction cup to one side, this attaches to the bathroom wall to keep the trash can from tipping over during travel. Pls. see pictures below (Click to enlarge).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Castaic Lake Campground, Castaic CA.

Castaic Lake Campground, Castaic California

Address: 32132 Castaic Lake Drive, Castaic, CA 91384
GPS Coordinates: 34.500522,-118.607124 (Campground entrance kiosk)
Website:Click Here!
Online Reservation: Click Here!

Castaic lake is located in northern Los Angeles County, just 45 miles north of downtown L.A., and 40 miles south of the Grapevine, off the 5 Freeway in the City of Castaic.

Family camping in RV’s or tents is available on the east side of the lower lake lagoon. The campground is divided into 3 lots (Lot A, B, and C). Lot A and Lot B are paved, Lot C is unpaved. Lot A (A7 to A16) is for RV's only. Lot A has more shade trees, Lot C is mostly open.

Swimming is only allowed during the summer season. The Swim Beaches are located on the west side of the Lower Lake Lagoon.

Boating (Upper Lake)
Camping: Fee: $20 per night (No hook-ups for RV, fresh water and dumping area is available)

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Swim Area

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Removable Countertop 2.5 Gallon Water Container Holder

During travel, I prefer to carry bottled water for drinking. I don't trust the fresh water tank for our drinking and cooking needs. We usually get the 2.5 gallon water container (2 packs) from Costco which is usually cheaper than getting it from our local grocery stores. I used to secure one 2.5 gallon water container on the countertop either using a rope or any kind of tying material to prevent it from falling off while underway. It was a big hassle to do, plus it's not very secure at all. After some brain storming idea, I came up with the design. Using pieces of scrap plywood, I made a water container holder, painted it black to match the appliances.  I've been using it for couple of weeks years now and has performed better than I expected.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Custom Rear Seats Cover

Pictures explains itself.

Custom French Memo Board

I found a use for the extra thin MDF and piece of fabric laying around. I made a french memo board. It provides a decorative accent and a perfect spot to place photos, memorabilia and coupons.

I first made a paper template, then transfer the shape to back of the MDF. Cut the MDF to shape using a jigsaw. Using a spray adhesive, I glued a thin piece of foam to front side of MDF, then covered it with fabric (left over from the back seat covers I previously made). Tack the fabric to back of MDF using staple gun. Added the ribbons and buttons...secured it on the wall using plastic hook n loop fastener..and voila.

Click on photo's to enlarge.