Sunday, January 1, 2023

DIY Foldable Insulated Tent Bed for Mom's Fur Baby

Winter camping is here, and our pet dog (Nala) needs something to keep her warm during the cold nights spent in the RV. I decided to make her a bed that would fit between the two front seats. Because the cab gets quite cold at night, the bed can be moved into the galley and behind the curtain for extra warmth. A foldable insulated tent cover over the bed provides additional cold protection.

Here's how I did it.

The bed frame is made of 1/4-inch square tubing, and the mattress support is made of Paracord. The top rails are padded for comfort.

For the mattress, I use 1.5-inch memory foam.

The tent support is made of a fiberglass wire running kit, which consists of 12-inch long rods with threaded connectors at each end. I use four rods for each arch support (x2).

The insulated tent cover folds into itself when not in use for easy storage. The fiberglass wire running kit poles are dissassembled and stored in the included case. The tent is made of two layers of fabric with Reflectix insulation sandwiched in between for insulation.

There she is, warm and comfortable 🐶.

The tent bed should keep her warm and comfortable during cold winter nights.

The length of the two front legs can be adjusted to accommodate the sloped flooring of the front cab. The two front legs can be extended to level the bed in the front cab; when the bed is placed on a level surface, they are folded back.

During driving, the bed is relocated to the front cab between the two front seats; she usually stays in bed while driving. Notice how the front legs are extended to level the bed. Happy Trekking! 🐕


  1. Hi, thanks for posting your pics and explanation about the pet bed. I have two small ones, so its a bit tough to manage both in this space. Nevertheless, I did notice your faucet! I like this one. Can you refer me to where to get this and what if any mods you did to accommodate it?

    1. Hi, it's a bar sink faucet, it is smaller than regular sink faucet. I got it from Amazon, just copy and paste this link to your browser>
      It is just a straight swap, I did not use the deck plate. The two small holes for the deck plate were covered with stainless buttons and some silicone. I will snap a picture when I get the chance. The faucet is a straight swap, nothing fancy. You have to remove the microwave to gain access under the sink.

  2. Super, thank you for the information. By the way, may I ask the model and year of your Roadtrek? My 2014 Agile came with the Dometic faucet with the plastic fold-down spout (allows for the glass cover over the sink).

    1. I have a 2011 Roadtrek Agile. Mine came with a low-profile countertop mounted faucet and a small stainless sink with a Corian cover. The Dometic fold-down was fitted on later RT models.


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