Thursday, November 24, 2022

Macerator Emergency Extension Hose


I always keep a macerator hose extension on hand in case the sewer connection required extra reach. Although it is uncommon for campgrounds to place sewer connections far back from camp sites, I have seen it on occasions.

The Thetford Sanicon 21-ft Retracting Hose is ideal for extending the reach of your macerator hose; it is also available in a shorter 10-foot version. The 28-footer costs around $81 and the 10-footer costs around $38. I made my own extension using a Flexible PVC flat hose with a Polyester sleeve, similar to a fireman's hose, for a more compact and less expensive alternative.

Parts Needed:

PROS of a flexible flat hose extension:

  • Cheaper than commercially made extension hose
  • Packs small and takes less storage space
  • Easy to roll up and self-draining
  • Small solid wastes tend to not accumulate inside the hose and are easier to clean out than corrugated hoses
CONS of a flexible flat hose extension:
  • The whole hose needs to be unrolled before use
  • Not commercially available with right fittings
The hose and the 90-degree barb connector are held together by a short piece of clear Vinyl tube. To make the Vinyl tube more pliable and easier to slide over the barbed fitting, warm the tube with a heat gun first then use Silicone lubricant or similar inside the Vinyl tube for lubrication. 

The straight barbed insert/coupler is inserted into the other end of the hose and butt connects to the original macerator hose. 

I only used about 10 feet of the flat hose and kept the remaining 15 feet as a backup.

The additional 10-foot reach should be sufficient to reach out a few feet behind the RT.

A foot of clear Vinyl tube attached to the macerator discharge end aids in visualizing whether holding tanks require additional cleaning during emptying.

A small bungee cord secures the macerator valve in place.

The 10-foot macerator hose extension tightly rolled into itself for storage. Size in comparison to an Android phone.

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