Monday, December 11, 2017

DIY Portable Power Station/ Jump Starter and Battery Charger with Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

Most of the parts used in this project were unused stuff and taking up garage space, the Walmart 12-volt battery was purchased last year to temporarily replace the original RT coach batteries that got fried during our summer road trip, the inverter is my old 750-watt Trip Lite Inverter/ Charger.

Obviously this is not for RV use, but can be a great power source while picnicking at the park, at the beach, etc. or just something to brag around, lol. It can also be used as a jump starter or a car battery charger. It has built-in 200-watts Bluetooth wireless stereo speakers, good for entertaining or annoying crowds at the park.

The frame is made from 16 gauge 1" square tubing. The urethane wheels are from an old Razor large wheel kick scooter.
Installing and wiring all the parts together.

Placement of battery and the Trip-Lite Battery Charger/Inverter

The aluminum handle was salvaged from an old kick scooter, the rubber grips are the old grips from my MTB.

The jump starter (+) and (-) posts, it can also be used to charge a car battery.

All pieces and parts installed and working. The panels are made of acrylic plastic painted red. The screws and bolts were blackened using Liquid Gun Blue. The bolts were torched first until glowing red to burn off the Zinc plating then soaked in Muriatic acid for thorough cleaning before applying the Liquid Gun Blue solution.

The wooden top can be used as a seat or a small table.

Front control panel with a 12-volt power plug, USB chargers, inverter switch, battery disconnect switch, and the Bluetooth Stereo Amp controls.

I tried my 700-watt Travel Electric Kettle and it works great with the inverter, it took about 2 minutes or so to bring the cup of water to a boil.

Rear view of the power station with the AC inlet port with built-in switch and fuse.

The hinged top can be swung open revealing a removable storage compartment for the cables and accessories.

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