Monday, June 8, 2015

DIY Soda Can Organizer/ Dispenser

To save space in our tiny refrigerator, I made an acrylic soda can organizer/ dispenser. It holds 7 soda cans and is gravity feed. The dispenser base has a small channel that securely rest on the fridge divider railing to prevent it from sliding out during travel. Here's how it looks like.

Loading soda cans.
Inside the fridge.
Here's a GIF animation how it works. Although, the cycling of the cans is not perfect, I have no complaint; my main goal is to save precious space.
The dispenser barely fits inside the fridge with the top cans almost touching the freezer compartment and this creates problem when loading the uppermost rear can. To address the issue, I ended up adding a second opening towards the rear of the dispenser (pictured above).

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  1. My fridge is too skinny to hold a 12 pack long ways, so I've been looking for something like this. I don't know how to work with acrylic, but I'd buy one of these if I could find one.


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